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What you may need to know about Toe Socks

Toe socks are warm and comfortable and soft. At ToeSocks.com we think that toe socks are pretty wonderful. That’s why we’ve taken the best available selection of toe sock styles, colors, fabrics, and prints and made them available to the world.

Did you know? Toe socks (or toesocks, toe sox, or toesox as they are often called) have an advantage over regular socks. In fact, toe socks are considered better for your toes and feet – especially if you’re wearing athletic shoes, sneakers, or tennis shoes. Since toe socks wrap snug around each one of your toes, common issues with sock slippage or friction between toes are nearly eliminated. When running, playing tennis, or hiking, much of the moisture between the toes is wicked away by the fabric that surrounds them. This eliminates the “clamminess” that is common with feet and toes in regular socks.

Sizing and fabric: Each pair of Toe Socks from ToeSocks.com comes in women’s one size. Children’s sizes fit shoe size 12-4 USA. All sizes are listed in U.S. and Canada sizing. The United Kingdom, Europe, and Japan have different sizing charts. Most toe socks are made from an 85% acrylic and 15% spandex mix for strength and elasticity, but please check individual toe sock product pages for additional fabric information.

Company history: ToeSocks.com is a division of FootTraffic.com – which began in 1986 as a specialty sock store under the name d.b.a. SOCKS. Early in our company history, we were an eleven-store specialty chain with locations in New Orleans, Atlanta, Washington, D.C., Boston, Baltimore, Los Angeles, and San Francisco. At present, we offer a complete line of distinctively-different socks, novelty socks, tights, and hosiery. The Foot Traffic brand has come to represent fun, fashion forward quality, and value to its many customers and clients. Two years ago, Foot Traffic celebrated its 25th year in business – something we hold in high regard. The Foot Traffic HQ is located in the Crossroads Arts District in Kansas City, Missouri.

You can reach ToeSocks.com or the parent company Foot Traffic by calling 1-800-789-3668. You can also visit our Contact Us page to get in touch or Click Here to request a catalog of our toe socks, novelty socks, tights, and hosiery.