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Show Your Stripes with Striped Toe Socks

Striped Toe Socks are always a bit of fun in your sock drawer. With so many colors to choose from, Striped Toe Socks are not only snuggly warm socks for each of your ten little toes, but they are a fashion accessory that has earned a place in every sock drawer.

When your toes want to stay warm and cozy – and you want to add a little color variety to your casual attire – a great pair of striped toe socks adds a flourish that’s perfect for nearly any outfit!

At, our soft-knit Striped Toe Socks come in pastel stripes, beautiful blues, and ever-fashionable rainbow stripes. We have Citrus Stripe Toesocks, Denim Stripes, a traditional Rainbow, Peacock Stripe Pink, Purple Multi-stripe, and a festive Mardi Gras stripe. Each pair of our Striped Toe Socks are made of 85% acrylic and 15% spandex for a snuggly but durable fit from the tips of your toes to just below the knees.

With so many colorful striped toe socks to choose from, you can easily find a pair that will be a perfect fashion addition to your new party outfit. You can find striped toe socks to match colors for a school pep rally – or even to wear around campus on game day!

With the great number of beautiful and trendy colors available, you’re certain to find a striped toe sock that matches your fashion sense and style. You can wear striped toe socks with your casual attire and your favorite footwear every season of the year – and they’re great for just lounging around the house too!

And don’t forget!  Striped toe socks are perfect for birthday gifts, back-to-school gifts, holiday gifts, and stocking stuffers. So, keep your toes warm and cozy and add a flourish to your wardrobe as well with Striped Toe Socks from!